"We never would have made the first step in eating healthier without the resources & encouragement that Jonathan provided. He is a wealth of knowledge & always willing to help you make personal adjustments to create a sustainable life change."

/  Jared and Carissa  /

"I watched you on Facebook talk about keto and was intrigued. After starting it within a few weeks I am down 15 pounds. I feel better physically and mentally and have more energy throughout the day. So seriously. A big thanks!"

/  Benjamin  /

"Jonathan gave me a wealth of information and kept me on track. My daughter, who is a doctor,  likes what I'm doing and recently joined me in my weight loss journey.   I'm seventy three years old have have nearly lost my age in pounds. "

/  Julie W  /

"Jonathan has helped me realize that food needs to work for me. I DON'T WORK FOR FOOD!"

/  Matthew R  /

“With Jonathan’s help and navigation through nutrition and healthy living, I have been able to lose weight that I never thought would come off.  I feel so much better than I have in a very long time and it is all thanks to him!"

/  Jon B  /