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Successfully losing since 2016.

Our goal at Bee Fit is to bring a simple approach to health and wellness based on the same time tested methods our ancestors used throughout human history.  

You will learn many things from proper nutrition choices, lifestyle tips to help decrease stress and increase sleep quality,  as well as how to exercise leaving you feeling refreshed and energized instead of exhausted and worn out.  

We offer a variety of different coaching packages. Whether individual or part of a group, we have something for you. Even if you are interested in a family/couples coaching session.  

There is no judgement here. Finding the right kind of diet that you can enjoy and exercise routine that fits your life can be difficult. Many people are incredibly frustrated with following diet plans only to learn they are simply not sustainable long term and weight always creeps back on. If you’re feeling like there is no hope and destined to feel defeated about your health and wellness goals, don’t give up! Let’s have a chat and see we can find a coaching package that works for you!  

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 Jonathan Geiman PHC


My name is Jonathan, Lead Coach at Bee Fit. Over the last ten years, the diet and exercise pattern in my life went something like this. Eat whatever I want, gain weight, get frustrated at weight gain, cut calories, exercise a lot, lose weight, get reward. I had several of these weight loss successes usually lasting a few weeks and 20-25 pounds at a time. After gaining and losing over 100 pounds, I finally asked the question,  why could I not maintain these weight loss efforts? Why could I not continue the “good” habits I was doing? I assumed it was because I lacked will power. All I wanted was to be at a healthy body weight, active, fit, and look good without a shirt on. I thought the key to doing that was limiting calories, going fat free and exercising every day. The truth is, this simply isn't sustainable long term and it wasn’t really a healthy way to lose weight.

In May of 2016 I caught wind of a thing called the Ketogenic diet that a friend had tremendous weight loss success with.  A ketogenic diet is a high fat, moderate protein and low carb eating pattern. After hearing about the results of my friend Matt, I gave it a go. Fast forward a few months and I had settled nicely into a diet that I was able to lose 35 pounds, reach an ideal body weight, enjoy some of the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten, AND maintain weight loss effortlessly.  

I couldn't contain my excitement. So I shared this nutritional lifestyle and helped many others lose a collective total of over 4000 pounds to date.    

Not long after that, I discovered a way of eating that closely resembles what I was doing with a a ketogenic diet and I made my zeal for helping others “official" and became a certified Primal Health Coach. Whatever your goals are, we can achieve them. Wherever you are starting, it makes no difference. We'll work to get you on the right track. Even if you think there is no hope, give the Primal Lifestyle a chance!