What is a Health Coach?

That's a great question.   And I think it's an important one.  Health coaching is a new term in today's health and wellness world.

Let me start with the mission statement I have with my health coaching practice. 

"Our goal at Bee Fit is to bring a simple approach to health and wellness. Our goal is to help you live more naturally in an unnatural world.”

Who would benefit from a health coach? 


  • you experience constant weight gain and/or loss and have never been able to maintain an ideal body weight,

  • you are trying to make better, healthier decisions at the grocery store but struggle with the amounts of "healthy" food to choose from,

  • you are sick and tired (perhaps literally) from trying to many programs, products, and other weight loss plans or gimmicks,

  • you don't want to waste time trying to achieve your best life now when it comes to health, lifestyle, and fitness,

  • you want someone to work with you and help you decided what works for you and what doesn't,

  • you feel like you have no will power and there is no hope for you to lose weight and maintain weight loss,

.......then you may want to consider hiring a health coach to get you on the right track.

And that’s just about weight a Health Coach doesn’t just work with you on weight alone. They also help you manage stress, create good sleep hygiene, and develop meaningful relationships.

But, not everyone needs one.  Many people are great at recognizing an area they want to improve, finding information or methods to improve, and putting forth a great DIY effort with success.  Other people want to make life changes, but simply don't trust any of the different methods on how to bring about that change and want a trained leader in that field to lead them in the right direction.   

For me, I wasn't ever fully satisfied with my body composition and my relationship with food.  I thought I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I worked out and burnt off all those calories.  Knowing what I know now, that was a recipe for chronic fatigue, inflammation and various autoimmune disorders.  I was well into the chronic fatigue and inflammation zones when I recognized the need to improve and find a better way.  You can read all about my story here.   

So what does a health coach do? 

  • Empowers you to become an advocate for your own health.

  • Emphasizes "whole-health" care like stress management, good sleep patterns, and other practical ways to live a more natural life in todays unnatural world.

  • Provides dependable attention, support, and accountability.

  • Helps you discover what healthy eating/living really looks like.

  • Helps you develop an exercise patterns that works for you and your lifestyle.

When shopping for a health coach it is VERY important to find out what education they possess and what kind of programs they offer.  There are lots of health coach certification programs available.  Many of them are based around product sales and MLM’s. It's also very important to ask for testimonials or past clients that have had success with their program or methods. 

A health coach is just that.  A coach.  Just like you would want to hire a coach to teach you a new sport or activity, you'd hire a health coach to teach you about making better lifestyle and eating decisions to set you up for the best chance of success on living a healthy and vibrant life. 

Jonathan Geiman