Soaking up Fat

You don't have to be afraid of fat. You do have to be afraid of eating an unbalance amount of macronutrients and not paying attention to your diet. Perhaps afraid isn't the right word. No, it is. You should be afraid of the damages of a poor diet. 

Weight loss and an understanding of nutrition can be very confusing when a popular Health and Wellness company sells a fat filled "keto coffee" as well as a "fat fighter" supplement pill that absorbs some ingested fat and carbohydrate.  It simply doesn't make sense. Why would you want a "fat fighter"? It sounds as though it's an excuse to enjoy a sweet craving treat without any guilt or negative consequence. A get out of jail free card, so to speak. Sadly, this isn't healthy. It's not a healthy way to use a product. One sweet craving every so often isn't going to derail your whole diet. Taking a pill that supposedly "soaks up fat and carbs" reinforces a bad relationship with food. It doesn't give you an excuse to consume it. It doesn't get you off the hook from the brains connection to tastes. 

The reality of companies like this? They want your money. They don't actually teach you how to be an efficient fat burner. 

Besides, where does that absorbed ball of fat and carbs go? Does it stay in a tiny little container and pass right on out the poop chute? The whole thing just doesn't sound healthy.  

Rather, eat in a way that allows you moments to enjoy things that aren't typically a part of your diet. In the month of January, Bee Fit will be offering a free, no obligation consultation to help you  decide if hiring a health coach is the right fit for you.  But for the readers of this blog, you can request yours now! Go to the contact page and select "free consultation" from the drop down menu and write in the best time to reach you in the message section. 

Jonathan Geiman